You may, from time to time, have received this type of email:

The following script updates are available:

WordPress 4.9.5:

To upgrade these scripts go to your Control Panel-> Softaculous-> installations.
There you will be able to update the scripts.

From Softaculous Cron Jobs (

How to do to update this script and not to stay behind in the updates of our blog?

You will first have to access the Cpanel of your site. If you have not created you and you do not have accesses probably means that you have signed a subscription for the management of your domain and in this case will take care of your webmaster.

If instead you have the credentials to access your cpanel (which are not the same as that used for WordPress!) You can easily go to update.

How to access Cpanel

It is usually accessed by

Otherwise, like for example in case you have some hosting services a bit ‘ scattered.. Proceed as follows:

On For example you have to go on

Enter the credentials of your panel (which are once again different from that of your WordPress site and from those of the cpanel) and go in the right column under the heading

Hosting services

This way you access the list of active hosting. Select the one of your site in question and enter Cpanel.

At this point with Ctrl + F go to look for the entry Softaculous and click on it “I’m diposniibli updates”

How to update?

Look at the table in the middle of the page and under the inscription “Version” you will find the two blue darts. Click and the update will start. Select the plugin and click the Update button now.

Done! If you have any doubts do not hesitate to comment.

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