When you manage a Telegram group there are many factors to pay attention to. One of these is to manage Warn, Kick and Ban  with the various Bot .

Here is the difference between the latter.

warn:With this action, usually performed under the action of / warn, you usually select the user to be notified. Usually in the settings of the various bots it gives an average of 5 warnings after which it triggers in Ban (permanent deletion). The warn is therefore a kind of warning for users who behave incorrectly.

Kick : Kick literally means “football”, yes, in the ass. It therefore serves to eliminate the user.

Ban : permanent user deletion from the group.

How to fix a ban?

If you are a user; very little can be done. You can contact the group administrator by clicking on his photo and going to justify your mistakes.

If instead you are the administrator of the group usually in the bots there is the button “sbannalo”.

If the user was “kicked off” with a kick, you can use this method to put him back in the group (in case you do not find his username to add him as a user)

Go find his message in the group -> select the message and follow the same procedure to ban the user. Once banned it will appear under the word “sbannalo”.

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