If you are tired of the usual Facebook login page and want to personalize it by entering your background image in this article we will explain how to do it step by step. The only requirement is to use the Google Chrome browser, the extension you intend to use is unfortunately not available to other browsers.

With this extension you can add any image as a background to the Facebook login page, personalize it as you wish. You can use images found on Google images and photos or images uploaded from your computer.

The extension is called FB Refresh. Follow the guide:

  1. Using Google Chrome, visit this link and click “Add”
  2. After you install the extension, a page is opened in the extension. You can close it ?
  3. Click the icon in the top right of the screen with the three horizontal lines and go to tools-> extensions
  4. Find the extension you just installed “Update FB” and click the “Options” link
  5. From this page you can change the settings. First of all the most important: choose the background image.

In “Image URL/Upload” You can choose to paste the URL of any image (you can also search with Google and paste the URL, for example, or visit the backgrounds of this site-http://Hqwallpapers. EU/-and choose the image you want), or you can upload an image (click on “Choose File”).

To the next settings, you can also choose to repeat the image vertically or horizontally (X and Y axis), if you resize the image as a percentage; Choose the colors of the text and the boxes and more.

Once you have completed the settings, click the “Save” button at the bottom and visit facebook.com (to display the login screen, of course, will be released before Facebook). Here are 2 examples of what you can create ?

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