After the last Windows update, besides being tragically slower, he re-introduced that Fastidiosissimo popup writing pen graphics that we had deleted not effortlessly the previous times. The problem is this: every time we click on an area of open this gray popup to enter the writing through the use of the pen of our tablet. Already wacom tablets have deteriorated in recent years, but this is really annoying.

How to delete the annoying popup at the click of the graphic pen tablet

You can go to the settings menu by going directly to the hateful popup by clicking on the top left and then choosing the Settings icon. Alternatively, type “settings” in the search bar that you see at the bottom left of your PC where it says “write here to perform the search”.

If you have gone from the settings panel is also here Hunt the thief. The icon to click is devices.

Windows Settings

Graphic Pen Settings

There remains then that go into the pen and Windows ink section to find the offending setting. I personally tried them all, I do not know if it is correct but after selecting this setting no longer appears no popup to click.

The setting to insert is “only in tablet mode” under the heading “When I touch a text field…”

Windows graphics tablet settings

Windows graphics tablet settings

Done! The problem should be solved.

The Wacom graphics tablet

Wacom’s creative pen-tablet line offers a wide range of choices for your creative interests. The Intuos product line is a good starting point, especially for drawing activities, sketches and photographs. The Intuos Pro range offers pressure-sensitive features, pen performance, and productivity features tailored to advanced creative experiences.

Let your creative genius play with the new Intuos Art. It includes Wacom’s pen and touch tablet technology, free downloadable creative software and online training. So, if your dream is honing your skills, accumulating some likes or designing an indispensable T-shirt, Intuos Art has everything you need to create fantastic digital paintings.

Intuos Art includes all the tools, services and tutorials you need to bring your art to the fullest. Getting started couldn’t be easier: the pen feels and behaves just like the traditional brushes, markers and pencils you’re used to. You’re closer than you think.

Play. Experience. Create. A tablet with Intuos pen gives you the opportunity to bring your work over the canvas. The creative software allows the pen Intuos pressure-sensitive to alternate between pencils, chalks, oils and watercolors, creating unique effects and style.

Here are some excellent products

 Wacom Intuos Draw/Art/Comic/Photo tablet with pen and Touch Media Small suitcase Box bag Costodie 

Wacom CTH-490AK-S graphic tablet Art, Small, Black

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