We often need to have more popups on the site to direct users to do more actions. Obviously we can not bomb popup users, and one is already enough. How can we then enclose everything we want to say within a single popup?

No paid popups are required; for what we want to create we are enough for what we can find on wordpress .

In this guide we will see how to integrate the mailchimp mail with the like button of facebook.

If you have other email providers, you will have to inform yourself if they offer Signup form embed or integrated in a html text. If not, you can redirect the user with a written on your online form, but being two steps do not recommend doing so.

We choose the right plugin

So let’s start with installing a plugin that allows us to act on the html code of the same.

Popup Builder is a great popup creator.


Once installed let’s create our first popup. -> Add new

Here are the steps to follow to create a popup similar to that of the figure.

  1. create a beautiful, introductory image for your action. Be it like or subscribe to the newsletter. You can use one of these that I have created for you:


Once inserted the cover we go to put the button to follow us on Facebook . Facebook offers it directly

“Like” button for the Web

This button lets you “like” content on the web and share it on Facebook with just one click. In addition, you can insert a Share button next to the “Like” button to allow users to add personal messages and select the audience to share them with.


Thanks to this configurator you can go to insert the “like” button on your page.

you will get an HTML code that you will have to go to insert in the “text” part of the plugin. Higher up you can see the plugin screen already inserted into the image. in the same section but in the tab “text” go and paste the html code (the second) that appears to you by clicking on get code.

<div  class = "fb-like"  data-href = "https://facebook.com/fbpagehere"  data-width = "300"  data-layout = "button_count"  data-action = "like"  data-size = " large "  data-show-faces = " true "  data-share = " true " > </ div>

Once this is done we will have to go and fish for Mailchimp.

Embedded forms mailchimp

Create a list on mailchimp, go to List (at the top of the menu) -> select the list and click on Signup form

Then choose  Embedded forms

Choose the formula you prefer and copy and paste the html code from this page and you’re done.

Now you just have to set the parameters of the popup to decide: height and width, when and if to show the close popup button and after how long to show it.

Here is a screen to set it correctly and easily:

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